I love summertime in Minnesota. It's a chance to slow down, break out my green canoe, and do some top water fishing for Bass and Northern Pike. But more importantly than the fishing, it's my time together with my wife and kids and the awesome sunshine and beautiful lakes and rivers. In radio, everything is timed; the length of your talk, breaks, what you will say, and how much time you have to say it.

Out on the water, nothing is timed. It's just you and God..and the loons, mallards, and the fish.  It's a perfect time to defragment my often overloaded brain. :-)

Sue and I have been married over 22 years. We now have 4 sons of our own....Daniel, Matthew, David and Thomas "T.J." What a blessing from God. I'm always reminded of the verse that "Sons are a heritage from the Lord". WOW. Thanks God! And of course, what's life without a couple of Black Labs...Buddy and Jake. Perfect companions along life's journey.

Favorite pass times include fishing, traveling up north for summer vacations, getting out my old blue convertible VW Bug on the first warm day in May, and playing 45's in the jukebox. But most importantly, it's about being a dad and husband. For me, it's time to start enjoying the little things, 'cause one day I'll look back and realize they were really the big things.